Featured Artist

Adalbert Erdelyi (1891-1955)

We would like to pay tribute to the famous artist Adalbert Erdelyi (Эрдели), he was born on May, 25th 1891 in Zagattia. The Ukrainian painter, one of founders of the Zakarpatye school of the fine arts. Worked mainly in genres of a portrait, a landscape, a still-life. Studied 1911-1915 in the Budapest academy of arts. In 1927 Adalbert Erdeliy and Josef Boksay founded Uzhgorod art school, in 1931 - the Society of figures of the fine arts in Podkarpatsky Russia. Taught drawing in 1945-1955 in Uzhgorod school of an applied art. His pupils were - A. Kotska, E. Kontratovich, V. Mikita and other.

  Mounting`s calling, 20,5x17, oil on board

   Tree, 20,5x17, oil on board