Pavlo Hromnytzky 120 Anniversary

Pavlo Hromnytzky (1889-1997)

Famous Ukrainian artist, born in 1889 in Gromnitsa, Ukraine. On December 15, 2009 marks his 120 anniversary. When in St.Petersburg, Hromnytzky was trained first by Valentin Serov and later in Ilya Repin's class at the Academy of Fine Arts. During World War I he came to Prague, where he continued his artistic classes in the studio Franz Engelmuller.
1922 - 1925 he studied at Henry Matisse's studio in Paris, when they became friends. With Matisse's and Pablo Picasso's support, his personal exhibition opened in 1925 in Paris. Traveled to Italy, India, Tibet, Japan, USA, worked in Norway. In 1928 he returned to Prague. One of the most famous artists of the interwar Prague, author of many landscapes, portraits and still life paintings. Solo exhibitions were held in Paris, Vienna, Prague, Svidník (Slovakia). His works are displayed in National museum of Ukraine, also in private collections in Ukraine, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Norway, the United States.

Summer Dale, 50x60 cm, oil on board,1954

Blooming Garden, 40x50 cm, oil on board